Drug Possession and Paraphernalia

Drug charges may range from relatively minor first time drug possession to very serious drug trafficking offenses. The punishment for a drug crime conviction can also be as varied, anywhere from a small fine with a drug class requirement, to felony probation or incarceration in the Nevada Department of Prisons. Typically, in drug cases the cleaner your criminal record and or willingness to seek rehabilitation, the better the results we are able to obtain. However, regardless of your criminal record or the charges you are facing, you are entitled to aggressive legal representation! The key to a strong defense in any drug case is the investigation and careful review of all aspects of the case, particularly, your initial contact with law enforcement.

The Law Offices of Shimer Zach has a combined total of over 20 years experience in the area of criminal defense. We are available to answer questions and can assist you with any of the following types of drug charges:

  • Misdemeanor drug possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of controlled Substance
  • Drug trafficking/Sales

It is now legal in Nevada for adults age twenty-one (21) and over to possess up to one (1) ounce of marijuana. However, the consequences in other areas of the law, such as misdemeanor DUI, have not caught up just yet to the new law. In fact, if you have marijuana or its metabolites in your system, you can still be convicted of a DUI at this time. Smoking marijuana in public and or selling marijuana are also still against the law and punishable with extensive fines and incarceration. Except for simple marijuana possession, all other drug charges are removable offense for non-citizens. For comprehensive information regarding your legal rights, contact our office for a fee consultation.