Criminal Defense

Driving Under The influence

When facing a DUI in Nevada, whether it is for alcohol or drugs, it is important to know that there are two aspects to defending it. First, there is the criminal case where you may avoid a conviction even in situations where you were arrested and have a BAC. over the legal .08 limit. Second, you must also contend with losing your Nevada driver’s license privileges. The time frame depends on many factors, including whether you submitted to a blood test or breath test voluntarily or not. It is important to speak with a criminal defense lawyer soon after you are released from custody so that you know the necessary steps to take to allow you to continue driving. In many cases your driver’s license will be revoked within 7 calendar days!

Hit and Run

Nevada law is very specific on what steps you have to take when you are involved in a car accident, whether it involved property damage or personal injuries. You will need to provide your name, address, vehicle registration, insurance, and driver’s license. Leaving the scene of an accident that results in only property damage is a misdemeanor. Many times, law enforcement will attempt to make contact with you by leaving an informational card at your residence and/or mailing you a letter. If you fail to contact the officer a warrant and/or arrest may be forthcoming.

If the incident involved injuries, the situation can be very serious and although law enforcement’s process is the same, they are likely to be much more aggressive in their pursuit of you. It is important that you contact an attorney, right away, prior to speaking with law enforcement so that we can help to first determine the extent of the injures to the other party. In situations such as this, remember your favorite cop show! You have the right to remain silent, use it, and call us immediately.

Posting Bail and Release Assistance

It sometimes can be very difficult to navigate the bond process when either you or a loved one is suddenly arrested. Do you post bail, or not, and in situations when you cannot afford the current bail, can it be reduced by the court? Sometimes, the question can be as simple as who should I hire to post the bond, but in the more serious cases where the bail amount is significant, posting the bond can be a very complex process. We can help you with the entire process. Should the bail be financially excessive an attorney can motion the court to decrease or eliminate the need to post any bail (based upon the facts and circumstances of the defendant and the particulars of the crime).