Personal Injury

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers is here to help. 

he vast majority of us have been the victim of a negligent driver who was on their phone, driving like a maniac, or simply not paying attention. A car accident, even a relatively minor one, can have lasting effects on your health and well being. Insurance companies want to brush this fact-as well as the severity of your injuries-under the rug. That is why retaining an aggressive attorney is so crucial.

The attorneys in our office have over 25 years of combined legal experience and can navigate through the pitfalls of a serious personal injury case. Whether you have a relatively straightforward case like a two car rear-end collision, or something much more complicated, our attorneys have likely handled a case very similar to yours in the past.

We will take a first hand, in-depth approach to you and your case. We will handle the property damage aspect of your case as well as the personal injuries as well. We will fight to secure not only timely repairs to your vehicle, but also to have you in a rental car as soon as possible.

Upon retaining with our firm, you will be set up and evaluated by a medical doctor. If you missed work, or will miss work, due to the accident you will receive the appropriate doctor’s note for your employer. You can also be compensated for the work that you do miss.

Depending on the severity of your injuries your treating doctor may refer you to different medical professionals for CT Scans, X-rays, or chiropractic care. All of the treatment that you receive carries with it no up front cost to you. The medical providers are compensated when your case actually settles.

We have some of the lowest attorney fees in the industry. In fact, many personal injury attorney’s in town receive more compensation than their clients; but the client’s were the ones injured. This doesn’t make any sense to us.

Feel free to reach out to the Law Office of Shimer Zach, LLC and see how different this firm is from others.